About Us

Arro Girls

“Before I meet Arromic, I would often save money to buy a pair of shoes which I think are perfect in the world. I comforted myself that this is the last pair of shoes I bought this year when I was paying for them. But the results are often different from what I thought... Next time I go shopping and see another pair of loved shoes, I also have a strong desire to buy them, but I can’t afford them anymore." We called them “Arro girls” who are fashionable, changeable and love shoes. They believed that“good shoes take you good places” And used Vogue as their fashion bible, pursuing the happiness that different shoes match clothes.

If you are an “Arro girl”, you are not alone, because it’s a science thing. First, there was Cinderella, then there was Carrie Bradshaw. Buying a pair of shoes has always had near-supernatural effects making you feel hotter than hell.


Arromic=Arro Makes It Count

Make It Count, and we know how to achieve our mission, that’s where the brand name came from, to help Arro girls realize “The freedom to buy shoes”. You just need to browse what you love on Arromic.com and don’t even have to look at the price, there will always be a surprise.

To achieve this goal, we decided to break the routine to abandon all the unnecessary but wasted materials and focus on shoes. “We don’t ship AIR” is our promise. Fashion is not expensive; you do not have to break your bank to be fashionable. The money you saved can buy a gift for your lover and the time saved can spend with your family.